" Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? "

Last year I had wanted to start up a blog and began preparing posts. However, I decided not to because with school and work I would not have been very good at keeping up with it.
Today I was dabbling with watercolors and remembered something I had written up last October during my beginning stages of painting with acrylics.
I thought that I would share this post with you today, because while I was painting today and I found I had many of the same experiences as I did last year.
One of the most special things, I brought home with me, from Texas, were a few of Aunt Debi’s paint brushes. Painting has always been something that I have wanted to try, but was always too afraid. Afraid to find out that I would fail at it, that I would never be able to get onto paper something that I had envisioned… but with bringing home the paint brushes, I decided I had no choice but to give painting a chance.
            Sitting in the middle of my living room floor, tablecloth laid across the floor with a blank canvas in front of me. I stared. I stared at that blank canvas wondering how would I start, what colors did I want to use, and how would I get the vision in my head on to that canvas?
 I don’t draw. I can copy things fairly well, but I am not an artist. I do not draw with great perspective. Actually most of the time my doodles turn out cartoonish and childish. But if you’re going to do it, you have to commit. You have to take that first leap. Pick a color and paint the backdrop. Then take the next step a swirl here, a swirl there. Add a different color here and mix this color with that. Then let dry. After it dries I hand sketched a basic idea of what I wanted. And thus began the painting process again. At first glance it looked like something a child had painted. Frustrated I kept going, layering, perfecting, adding shading here and shimmer there. Trying to not be afraid of using more paint to add texture, and telling myself that really there was no right or wrong way of doing this. The only wrong way was not trying.
Finally, I finished. I sat up and looked at my painting and I found something that started off as a blank canvas, then turned to something childish, had actually turned into something I was proud of, something beautiful.

I learned from this process. The hardest part of doing anything in life is taking that first step, then after that first step you have to remember that things take time, and its not going to look perfect right away. It may take going over things again and again making a small change here, and a small change there. It may involve taking risks and trying something new. However, eventually you may find that you have accomplished something beautifully YOU.


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  1. I love how you made the tie between your experience with painting and the great advice you gave at the end. I can definitely relate to this… Not with painting necessarily, but several other experiences I have had throughout life. The first step into something is always the hardest, and then more than often I have realized it isn't that bad after all and many good things usually come after. Thanks for sharing your experience – very cool and made me self-reflect!


  2. That is awesome that you had found something new to be good at. I wish that I was more creative with painting. I have done a few paint n’ sips and decided to do a few of my own at home, but I wouldn’t say they look as though they were done by a pro. I look forward to looking and hearing about your artwork 🙂


    1. fringlesa says:

      Tiffany keep doing the sip and paint! its not about making professional paintings its about having fun!! 🙂


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