Into the Woods

To get the full effect I ecourage you to follow this link and listen to Take a load off Annie, while reading the  rest of the post.. put it on repeat if you must.

I am currentely sitting in my parents house, way up north in the middle of the woods, sipping whiskey while listening to my dad build a deck out back, and to what my parents call their “Geezer” music. I can’t help but be brought back to some of my favorite childhood memories.


Imagine. It is 115 degrees out, dust is riseing and the smell of smoked BBQ, grease and stale beer floating in the air. People of all types are buzzing  around you and music from almost every genre can be heard if you listen close enough.

“check one, two, three”…  that is the sound of a band doing a sound check before the next show.

There are craft booths, and exibition booths set up on every corner, and animals being led down the road in preperation for the next showing.

This was a typical day in my life when I was a child, the only difference was that the group doing  the sound check was my dads band.

As I sit in my parents home all day today I swore if I closed my eyes I would be at the fair, helping them set up and walking around with my aunt. We would stop at every craft booth,  to see what they had to offer. If I listened closley I could hear the accoustic guitar and banjo of the the country western section where we would head to buy fried pickles or kettle corn.  Then I would meet up with some of the kids I met during day and ride rides until the show would start getting to back to sit with my mom  and color while singing along with the entire set.

Through my life of traveling, both of my  parenst had an appreccitation for home life and hard work. They somehow incorporated the homey lifestyle , of ranchlife, farmlife, and a cabin in the woods. I was brought up to love meeting new people, appreciate different styles of music, to enjoy trying new food and recognize the beauty of this earth.  They raised me to find beauty in what ever surrounding I was in whether that was the deserts of Navada, The swamps in Florida or the cold tundra in the north.

I found that I am rich in apprciation for what surrounds me and am thankful that I now have the abbility to make “home” whereever I am. However, there is nothing that compares to the peace and solitude of the woods by the water… the only thing that might make it better would be mountains.

My paerents working on the deck


My Puppy Magpie


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this & our woodsy visit today! Oh, & the music background was brilliant & so fitting…one of my favorite songs.


  2. Nedra says:

    Loved the music to your post. I can only imagine growing up the way you did made you appreciate meeting others and different qualities of one’s life and how they live it. I bet you got to see a lot of different places and sights that you wouldn’t have if your dad didn’t have a band. PS- I’m a tad jealous of all the traveling and the fairs! I love me some fair food and craft booths….you were one lucky girl!


    1. fringlesa says:

      Nedra! Thank you! I know I am one lucky girl! my childhood was an adventure!! The only down side now is that now that we live more “normal” life going to the fair isn’t quite the same…. but there are days when I miss it a ton 🙂


  3. Kara says:

    This was such a fun post to read. You definitely have a way with painting pictures with words.


    1. fringlesa says:

      Thank you so much Kara!


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