The “Scenic” Route


The past few nights I have been staying up later then everyone else. One night I was talking to a friend and the past two nights I stayed up on my own. I have found myself going into pondering mode. I do this anytime there is a transition coming up because I like to look back at the things I have accomplished, the things I am thankful for and to take note of what I would like to do different in the future.

The one thing that I would change from this last chapter of my life is how “comfortable” I have become in my routine.

10 years ago during my first year at college  I would often stay up until 2 or or three in the morning, grab my flashlight and my journal then walk out to the lake on campus. I would either end up siting under a tree or walking out to the deck to look at the stars. I also had a two mile walk a long the country road that I would walk twice a day in sun, wind, rain or snow… honestly there was nothing that would stop me. Sometimes I would go and tell a friend then jump in the kayak and go across the lake. My friends and I would go on night hikes and moonlit cross-country ski trips across the lake, and come back to hot cocoa. We never settled into routine.

I know that working full time and doing school takes away from my time and availability to be able to do things like this. But I still find that with every visit I have up north I become more and more antsy to go on adventures again. To pile friends in my car and drive with no destination in mind. I hate that where an adventuresome spirit use to thrive, thoughts of caution and excuses have settled in… I suppose they could also be rational and resposible reasons… BUT…. well you get the picture… I’m antsy.

So with that heavily on my mind yesterday morning I decided to go a different route home, it probably lengthened my trip by two hours, I didn’t care. It was new and beautiful, and I drove through an area of Minnesota that I probably haven’t seen since I was a little girl. I was in the trees all the way to Willmar!! I called it my “scenic route” because it was so much more beautiful then my normal route, even though most  of the time I was on a main highway.

I made sure to give myself time to pick something that I wanted to do whether that be find a lake to stick my feet into or go see something I haven’t before. I randomly stopped in Hibbing, MN because I saw a sign for a historic mining look out point. It really was fascinating. However, I did feel bad for the guy volunteering at the visitors center, he kept asking me if I had any questions… I didn’t today. I wanted to be introverted and read all the signs… so I did.

For the rest of the trip I stopped on the side of the road to take pictures, and later found a another little coffee shop in Grand rapids, their baked goods were to die for. The tiramisu was light, fluffy and flavorful… (tiramisu is one of my favorite deserts). After coffee I walked through an antique shop that was right next door. I didn’t end up buying anything however, I did find sheet music for Irving Berlin’s ” white Christmas.” I wanted to buy it, but 20 dollars felt a bit steep for me yesterday (though it was probably worth it). White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie so turning it down was a pretty big deal.

After Grand Rapids I drove straight home, arrived with an hour to open up my new watercolors then head to work. 🙂 On an entirely different note artist grade watercolors are worth the little bit of extra money they totally change the experience of painting.

Below are a few pictures from my journey yesterday, and the picture at the top of the page was taken by a friend on my last day at home. We went four wheeling and the fog came out, it was stunning. The speck on the four-wheeler is me  🙂

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