Just a week.

I have to admit coming back and getting into my normal work week was hard, after last week everything felt very mundane . I was  even a bit nervous to go  back to the daycare. I only work two days out of the week so two weeks in I still felt pretty new.I  was afraid taking a week off was going to ruin everything  I’ve been learning.

However, as usual I surprised myself,  I figured out a routine that works best with the kids and I really have begun to enjoy my time with them. Tuesday morning I decided to implement a  clean up song”,  which was an Idea I got from Sam, another girl in a class I am taking this summer. I chose two songs,  “Trashin’ the Camp” from Tarzan and “Spoonful of Sugar” from Marry Poppins. Oh my goodness, this idea worked wonders! No longer do I have whiney kids when I ask them to clean, rather, when one of the songs come on they jump straight to it and in  7 minutes I have beautiful clean room!  Which makes one happy teacher. 🙂

The other thing I realized this week  was that even though school agers are not required to nap, They are exhausted after field trips and playing outside, and even though they would never admit it quiet times are essential. Often two or three of the kids will  fall asleep. I have noticed that taking the time for quiet time really has helped with behavior problems I noticed in the past.

As far as crafts and painting this week, I really haven’t done that much. I worked on some embroidery I started at moms, and attempted to paint a scene from my parents back yard, of the moon and mars above the dark silhouette of trees. Though it wasn’t how I pictured the painting would turn out I still was happy with the outcome.

The one exciting thing that I worked on was my calligraphy. The same day I received my new watercolors I also got a set for calligraphy. So Monday and Wednesday I decided to tackle it and see what I could do. I REALLY enjoy it. I followed the advice from the blog thepostmansknock, and ordered a straight pen with a Nikko G Nib attachment. Let me tell you this made a world of difference for the control I was able to receive. I had a couple other nibs that I tried first, my letters felt sloppy and inconsistent, and I found myself getting frustrated with the process.  However, with the Nikko G nib I was able to find control immediately and it was easy to gage the amount of pressure to apply for up and down strokes. By the end I was very happy with my results for the first day!

I even ended the day with an ink stained finger and couldn’t help but remember the scene from The newer Little Women with Wynona Rider.While Jo March is in New York she meets Friedrich  Bhaer for the first time after she had dropped her manuscripts on the ground. Dropping some of them in a puddle Friedrich helped her pick them up and took her inside to hang them up to dry. After he said to her in his thick German accent “You know that when first I saw you I thought Ah! She’s writer.”  to which Jo March shyly replied “What made you think so?” Friedrich then pick up her ink stained hand.

I know I am a hopeless romantic but I have always Identified with Jo March and adored this scene because I have  always wanted to be recognized as a writer and girl in love with her craft.


An over view of my mundane week, but made better with painting and cherries. 

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  1. It is hard to take time off when working with children. I like routine and so during Christmas vacation I am always eager to come back to work and get back into the swing of things. I agree that even though the children are older they still need to rest after field trips and other physical demanding activities and honestly I also need a nap after field trips.


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