a little bit of change, and a little bit of busy.

This month I will have been living in the same apartment for four years, and I just found out that my roommate of 3 years will be moving out. She decided to move out to help another friend which conveniently is also helping out my friend who has been apartment hunting all summer. Therefore, this week I have been in full time “nesting” mode even though the move won’t fully occur until the end of July.  I have this urge to purge my entire apartment of everything I no longer use or need, scrub everything down, then reorganize and rearrange my entire life. Needless to say on multiple accounts I have had to remind myself that starting the cleaning and organizing process right now would be useless because moving always causes more messes and a bit of chaos.

On top of finding that out I ended up working everyday this week either at my group home or the daycare, while also attending or completing trainings in the evening. Therefore crafts were pretty limited this week. The picture posted above is a painting from one of my other at home painting parties where a few of us follow a youtube video. I did this on Wednesday night with my roomie and best friend, I was really happy with how it turned out… I will probably update to a clearer picture when i am at home and have the ability to take a better picture. I hope to have more exciting stories for you after this weekend, tomorrow I am headed up North to spend the day with friends and family, then hopefully on Monday I will be home cooking out with some friends to celebrate the Holiday! I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend!.



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