Happy 4th of July!

The best holidays are spent with friends and family,  this weekend Sara and I decided that even one day was worth it. So Saturday morning after work we drove 5  hours to  spend the day with friends and Family out on the lake near Outing, Mn. It was a beautiful day, sunny and 70 degrees. We spent the day relaxing, swimming , kayaking, reading, eating too much, and laughing, it was perfect. later we realized  that we have awful aim at bean bag toss… and if we ever want to finish a game we should probably practice more 🙂

It was hard to have to pack up the very next day however,  we still had time to enjoy a wonderful home cooked breakfast on the grill ,another kayak ride, and my favorite CottonCandy ice cream from Owls’n Thing s in town.Then we headed home and made it just in time for me to drop off my friend and make it to work.

Todays plans consists of chores, shopping, and watching the fire works… we might even have a picnic.

I will have to update you on my paintings this week. They are already planned out! Sara and I are going to paint monsters from Minecraft  for some friends of ours. We bought square canvases and are going to measure out smaller squares for a pixelated look. We will be painting  a creeper, zombie, and enderman. I can’t wait to finish them, take pictures and give them away!





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