The Frustration of Focus


Tonight’s blog post is free of pictures or anything frilly. Tonight it is just words filling a page.

Focus:  a central point, as of attraction, attention or activity.

I love to write. However, I lack focus in all ways.

It takes work to get myself  to stop making my to-do lists,  to not get distracted by people and sounds within the room, by messes or by random thoughts. It can take up to 20 minutes until I  get to the point where my thoughts flow freely and in a semi-linear fashion. I even have a routine. I usually make coffee or tea,   choose my pandora station, and inform everyone around me to “shut up”. Okay, I am actually kinder then that.

Once I get into focus and and begin writing the slightest interruption frustrates me because it disrupts my concentration, then I usually have to take time to regain the line of thought that I had worked so hard to get in the first place.

This has been heavy on my mind the past two weeks because, I have always wanted to keep a blog and follow through with it. I have attempted 4 times, two of those times have been for school. Each blog would start great but then begin to lose steam.

I have learned that keeping up a blog is hard work, and can be time consuming.

It is frustrating when I know I have a deadline, but have nothing “interesting” or inspirational to talk about, and frustrating that a simple paragraph or three can sometime take hours to write.  I know I  can be a perfectionist. I care that each post is in my voice, and when I rush my posts  they are cold and distant without any type of spark or individuality, and often riddled with errors.

My questions are; how do professional bloggers do it? How do you keep your content interesting and in focus, when sometimes there is nothing new to share?How do you post regularly, with out staying up late or eating up time for chores? (Is that even possible)

Though I say all of this in thoughtful frustration I have decided I want to learn to become focused quicker and to maintain it. My goal is to not stop, I want to exceed my own expectations and challenge myself to use this blog to keep up my writing.


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  1. I have a hard time keeping focused as well. It has to be completely silent and I need no distractions to keep my focus going. I have always wanted to start a blog as well, but really my life is not that exciting I believe to keep the attention of readers. Hopefully you find the secret to becoming a great blogger; you seem to be doing well so far!


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