Cleaning and Creativity

“Mmmm Pancakes” was my very first thought yesterday morning, as I crawled out of bed. So  my  soon to be roommate and I  went out in the rain  to to pick up syrup and pancake mix. I love how taking time to clean and organize a house can make you  lighter.

This week  I came to the conclusion  that this change is exaclty what I needed to help me not be so restless. I have been taking time to enjoy cleaning, organizing and making a few things new here and there, which has helped to make things feel fresh. Over the past four days I have been choosing one small cleaning project and one small home decor or improvment project a day to tackle, and I feel so accomplished. 

I have also noticed that there is a correlation between the cleanliness of my home and my freedom in creativity. When my house is clean I am much more relaxed, I notice that I now want to cook and my mind is allowed the freedom to be creative. My goal is that by the first week in August my house will be in ship shape order, and that I can hopefully spend my freetime brainstorming some of the ideas that I am considering pursuing with the possiblity of  continueing my blog and/or making a brand for myself and some of the creative projects I do. 

Oh!  The adventures I create for myself. 

Tonight I thought I would post a few pictures of the small projects I have been working on around my apartment and introduce you to the cutest and sassiest cat you will ever meet, Taliah my long tailed kitty. 



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  1. Kathy Becker says:

    I agree with the correlation between a clean home and creativity, If my house is messy, unorganized, or I have laundry to do I don’t seem to be able to focus on homework or projects I’m doing until these tasks are taken care of. it is the small simple things in life that allow us to be creative. Thank you for reminding me of that. 🙂


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