Moving, chaos or aventure?

Whew! Hello  all I feel like it has been forever since I last posted. However I made it to the other side of a very busy and eventful week. A couple weeks ago I shared that my roommate for three years was going to move out and another one was moving in… what I didn’t share was that we had all been living together since May!

As much as we all hid it, three people in a two person apartment for two months is hard on everyone involved. I know my new roomate was tired of sleeping in the living room and having to put her bed away every morning, and the introverted side of me was needing a some a lone time.

But this past week my roomate moved most of her stuff out,  we gutted out the entire kitchen  and cleanded and organized..I guess I never realized how much pantry stuff my mom went through growing up… because some stuff I didn’t realize had an experation dates, I though It just stayed in our pantry til needed. I was wrong, Very wrong. Oh the lessons we learn.

My goal this past week was to keep the home livable during chaos hoping it could be  a place that everyone could still relax in even if it was a busy and sometimes overwhelming. I totally get this from mom. I think in past posts I refered to my dad performing in a band. I grew up living with my parents and the band members for the first part of my child hood. and Truthfully that could be a very  messy and overwhelming situation, but mom always made sure that the house was home, and a place that we could relax. Actually she even man the tour bus and hotels feel homey when we traveled. It is something I am very thankful for and now Greatly Value.

So this week would get to the places I could clean and organize and I try to keep meals made. I continued picking projects to update my home, I made a new set of curtains out of a table cloth on Sunday, and had a pinterest fail 🙂

I wish I would have taken pictures of my pinterest fail, however I forgot. I attempted to make a fruit bowl out of twine and starch. It didn’t work. I think it failed because I used a heavier twine that almost looked like rustic rope. it was too thick and heavy to actually stiffen enough to hold the form of a bowl.

The rest of this week will be filled with packing, Sunday is my birthday and I get to take one of my clients to The Warped tour in Minneapolis, and then Monday morning my new roomate and I are driving back up to international fall to spend another week with my family.

I hope everyone is staying cool during this hot hot week!





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  1. Moving is always a bit chaotic! I just experienced this myself a couple of months ago. We moved out of an apartment, and I was amazed at how much crap we had managed to cram into our home. The pantry is the worst! I don’t think it would kill you to eat something from a can that expired, but it might not taste as fresh. Have fun at Warped Tour! I wish I was going! Be sure and see the Inturrupters!


  2. nicolevenis says:

    I am glad that you finally got your living situation all figured out. It also made me smile when you were talking about the things you found in your pantry. I have also had to learn the hard way that somethings will not last forever.


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